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Local Exchange Trading Systems  

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Let's Do Something Together !

It's not that nobody has the time, but the available hours have been dumped on the elderly and the unemployed.

In the market economy one cannot even buy an hour of one's own time.

Dr Edgar Cahn, Creator of Time Dollar - a system of mutual social services similar to LETS.

Any time we need something it usually turns out that we can't get it without money. When we are hungry we go to a shop, when we want to learn something we pay for a course, even when we need something seemingly non-material - we want to rest or to meet friends it is usually connected with an expense. But have we ever thought that we can do many things without spending money by organising ourselves in a small group of people?

LETS are groups whose members exchange goods and abilities they have among themselves without using money. The first LETS system was created in 1983 in Canada. Now there are more than 800 similar systems in many countries, among others in: the UK, Australia, Holland, France and Germany.

The fact is that very few families, and certainly not a nation as a whole can afford all the services they need if they have to be bought from specialists at market rates.

Dr Edgar Cahn

LETS Can Help You

  • in learning (barter classes).
  • in acquiring services without money (exchange of services and abilities).
  • in exchanging things.
  • in valuing abilities which have always been a part of traditional economy and which are now inaccessible or undervalued.
  • in creating a network of mutual support which would help to enliven the community of the city.


Fundacja ''Koalicja Sprawiedliwego Handlu'' - Fairtrade Polska

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